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This page contains several samples of our DVD menu designs.

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Video Clips: These are some scaled-down clips of our DVD motion menu work. Please note that these are reduced resolution. For smoothest playback, we recommend saving these movies to your hard disk before playing.

Grave of the Fireflies, Disc A

Grave of the Fireflies, Disc B

Chronicles of Narnia Disc 1 Main Menu-
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Showtime Catalog Disc Main Menu

Tuvalu Main Menu

Lathe of HEaven Main Menu (2002)

Record of Lodoss War Collectors Series, Disc A Main Menu

Record of Lodoss War Collectors Series, Disc B Main Menu

Meet The Heroes Build from Disc B

Designer's notes:
These menus were created mostly from program content. We used rotoscoped image sequences in several of the menus, as well as customized video loops and sound designs.

Me & Isaac Newton Main Menu ( 320x240, mpeg, 8.8mb)
Me & Isaac Newton Scene Transitionals (320x240,mpeg, 19mb)

Designer's notes:
These menus were created from a combination of program content as well as re-created elements. We used a variety of compositing techniques to create a "clean blue microscopic" backdrop, We pulled video from the program to create the space montage in the center of the screen and duplicated the blooming text effect that was present in the original program.

The Confessions of Robert Crumb (draft, 320x240, mpeg, 5.2mb)

Designer's notes:
This menu was created from just one piece of cleared art. The characters were extracted and given their own "identity". This menu is created mostly from the package art, with some image grabs, sound effects and music from the program.

Jackson Pollock (320x240, Mpeg, 7mb)

Designer's notes:
This menu was created from both packaging elements and program material.

The Avengers 1968 Main Menu Build (320x240, Mpeg, 8.2 mb)

Designer's notes:
The packaging drove the design for this set. Our aim was to bring the packaging to life. Each "cartoon bubble" in the menu is a 3D rendered object with it's own distortion pattern. The music was pulled from the program.

Peter Gunn Main Menu Build ( Draft, 320X240, mpeg, 11mb)
Peter Gunn Trivia Main build ( Draft, 320X240, mpeg, 5.7mb)

Designer's notes:
In this set of menus, we leveraged the massive amount of material available within the Peter Gunn episodes, as well as deriving color schemes and typestyles from the two Peter Gunn album covers. The concept here was to set up Peter's hangout, "Mothers" as the central "location" for the menus, with other menus being located around Mother's. ( in the scene selection menu, Gunn steps out back for a smoke, etc. ) The opening menu build has some spot color added, but mostly things remain monochromatic.Our aim was to draw the viewer into Peter's world.

Heritage Main Menu ( 320X240, Mpeg, 12mb)
Heritag Interactive Atlas with transitions (320X240, Mpeg, 18mb)

Designer's notes:
This disc set recently received rave reviews. The menus were derived from the original program material. The final design came as a collaboration with the packaging designers as well as the DVD-ROM content developers. The Interactive Atlas serves as a tiny taste of what's available on the DVD-ROM and draws the viewer's interest to the ROM.

Heroes of Iwo Jima Main Menu loop (320x240, Mpeg, 7mb)

Designer's notes:
You might call this a "standard" main menu-- We combine elements from the package design and the program to present the "flavor" of the disc.

Horatio Hornblower 3D Cannon Elements (320X240, Mpeg, 19mb)

Designer's notes:
These are 3D elements for the Horatio Hornblower series of discs. This is a fairly long clip that moves through the menu options of exploring a 3D rendered cannon. Using this technique, a lot of detail is possible for portraying timelines, shipwrecks, maps, almost anything that time and budget allows.

3D animation sample reel (320x240, 48mb mpeg)

A Sampling of our 3D animation work from over the years, including various broadcast, corporate, multimedia and independent projects.


Still Menu Galleries

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